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The Tippling Point | Today, J.Boroski has bars in Bangkok and Shanghai

This invitation-only bar builds your drink based on what you feel like at the time. Don't go looking for the bar without a map, though - the secret location seems to be in everybody's blind spot.

April 19, 2021 / 08:06 PM IST

It's almost like a Bond movie.

manu-remakant-logo-the-tippling-point-logo1-R-258x258You google for the address, you walk along the alley, you ask around among your friends, J.Boroski in Bangkok remains elusive. Where the hell is it! This seems to be a damn place that falls on everyone's blind spot. Dejected but still determined (after all it is for a drink) you send the company a mail revealing your lifelong desire to have a sip from their legendary bar. Can I ever? Time for the long wait! Ting-ting! You check the notification and find that your invitation has finally arrived along with a map that promises to get you to the destination.

J.Boroski in Bangkok and now in Shanghai too, is an invitation-only bar, conceived and shaped by legendary designer Ashley Sutton for Joseph Boroski, mixsultant (mixologist and consultant). Its location is kept a secret and even if you comb the dark alley of Hong Kong's famous Pottinger street, you'd not notice any magic hidden anywhere (who'd bother to part the heavy and unassuming leather drapes to peek in).

But now with the map in your hand you go straight in. A dark stairwell leads you to the reception where a woman smiles welcomingly and pores over your invitation to check if you are legit before letting you in.

Welcome to J.Boroski.


Crane your neck and savour the intricate work on the ceiling and the walls. The meticulously placed rhino beetles overhead and around you might give you the creeps for a sec but the ambient light is so flattering that it sheds a golden sheen intended to soothe y0ur blood. Calm your nerves and look around. There are tarantulas as well along with the rhino beetles. The classic touch of the legendary designer Ashley Sutton is imprinted on every inch of the hall, you'd notice to your delight.

Time to place the order.

What is here to drink? What is the specialty here? You ask the barman for a menu: Can I? Sorry.

J.Boroski doesn't believe in any static, stilted idea of a menu and instead ask what you feel like today? What does your mood demand?  Something sweet with a dash of sourness, along with a hint of spice and the tang of pineapples? Do you want it rimmed with salt? Tell us, what should be the base? Vodka? Gin?

You make the blueprint on air and they'd note down and build the drink based on your imagination. With superior ingredients - some picked from the local village, some sourced from distant parts of the world - they craft the poison you'd ecstatically imbibe. Time for a repeat. May be you cannot sip the same cocktail twice. Your mood has changed, so has your next drink.
Manu Remakant is a freelance writer who also runs a video blog — A Cup of Kavitha — introducing world poetry to Malayalis. The views expressed here are personal.

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