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The screenwriter of ‘Four More Shots Please!’ on flawed women, feminism, and political oppression

May 16, 2020 10:18 AM IST

As Season 2 of 'Four More Shots Please!' creates both controversy and a new set of fans in urban India, screenwriter Devika Bhagat shares her take.

Neha Kirpal

Stuck in the coronavirus lockdown, Indian netizens have been gorging on streaming television, and no other series has captured public imagination – and raised heckles – as much as Season 2 of Pritish Nandy and Rangita Nandy’s Four More Shots Please! on Amazon Prime.

Screenwriter of both seasons, Devika Bhagat talks about what feminism means to her, working with an all-women crew, breaking gender stereotypes, and broaching controversial subjects.

How did you come up with the storyline?

When I came on board for Season 1, Rangita Nandy had already created the characters. She wanted the show to be about “unapologetic, flawed women” as the tagline says. How each character’s story flows is through stories of our own lives, our personal experiences, and those of our family and friends. A single mother who hasn’t had sex since she got pregnant. A small-town girl who comes out of the closet in the big city. A journalist and a lawyer facing professional issues. A privileged south Mumbai girl trying to find her feet in the world.

Devika Bhagat.