How this Mumbai-based brokerage firm is simplifying investing for everyone using technology

When technology helps you with equity investment, a brokerage firm is utilizing the same using proprietary algorithms.

November 06, 2020 / 10:35 AM IST

Suppose you are a retail investor looking to invest in stocks. What would you do? You’d probably get in touch with a broker associated with your primary bank or a financial services firm. Your relationship manager will help you open a Demat account, and once it is live, they will send you recommendations to invest in some stocks.

You will either act on those suggestions or use your intuition to pick up a few stocks. Your chances of success, of course, will depend upon the quality of research provided to you, which will directly affect your returns.

Now, let’s consider another scenario. You download the mobile app of an established discount broker. This app provides you with stock recommendations drawn by a team of experts using technology to evaluate stocks on 60+ important rating parameters. Undeniably, the success rate of your investments will go up, owing to tech-assisted research by experts with the intention of wealth creation for all users.

Sounds like an expensive solution? Not at all. Samco, one of Mumbai’s oldest discount-broking firms, has introduced several revolutionary and affordable products to help retail investors taste success in the stock market by overcoming two challenges:

● Poor stock and mutual fund selection

● Not staying invested in the right stocks for an adequate period

By democratising technology and providing tech-assisted research, Samco aims to ensure its users get access to the latest, and most relevant, information the moment it's available.

1. Curated ready-to-invest basket of stocks with StockBasket

Most retail investors neither have the time nor expertise to do thorough research before picking stocks. StockBasket offers a ‘basket’ or mini portfolios of stocks based on financial goals, themes and the risk-taking ability of the investor. According to Samco, StockBasket is one of the easiest ways of investing in great quality stocks to grow your money in the long term. You can sign up for a free Samco trading and Demat account and invest in expert-curated baskets of carefully selected stocks of India’s top growing companies, market leaders, etc. One can invest in baskets with as little as INR 3,000 and go up to baskets worth INR 15,00,000.

Samco also offers theme or idea-based baskets according to your interests and financial goals on StockBasket. You can pick baskets for your child’s higher education, a foreign vacation, a risk-based theme, and more. Simply download the StockBasket app to explore the various themes and research subscription fees for each basket. One can also start a SIP in any of the baskets available on the platform.

Samco is also the only company in India that offers a Fee refund guarantee on the research subscription fees if you lose money after holding it for five years. The confidence stems from their dedicated research and experience in picking quality stocks for their customers.

2. Simplified Market Insights with StockNote

For retail investors wanting to do their own research, Samco launched its flagship trading and investing app StockNote in 2018. StockNote is powered by a proprietary Giga Trading Engine that combines AI with powerful computing and analytical technology. This engine makes it possible to identify opportunities and patterns from the ocean of stocks and present these as simple, actionable ideas.

Besides giving actionable market insights and recommendations, the StockNote mobile app doubles up as a direct trading platform with in-depth onboarding tutorials and tips to make investing easy for everyone. You don’t need any previous knowledge of the stock market to get started on StockNote. After onboarding, the AI-enabled platform regularly sends you personalised triggers with bundled price/volume data on pre-saved orders. The Giga Engine ably scours the market to send you regular stock market analyses for informed decision-making. Additionally, you can customise your feed, watch lists and trading preferences to create your own tailored experience on StockNote.

3. Choosing the Right Mutual Funds Made Easier With RankMF

Samco’s mutual fund investment platform RankMF tells you ‘kaunsa mutual fund sahi hai’ via its proprietary ranking and rating system. To give you an overview, RankMF provides the only mutual fund research in India (or probably only in the world) that does not rate and rank mutual funds based only on its past performance.

Rather, the platform takes into account a variety of factors and over 20 million data points, including the actual quality of portfolio which mainly determine the returns. This is a more practical approach to rating, ranking, and choosing the best quality mutual funds to invest in.

The product includes a free feature called RankMF SmartSwitch that allows you to evaluate your existing mutual fund portfolio, review recommendations based on your current holdings and apply those recommendations to improve your portfolio score. To use the platform, just log in and click on ‘Evaluate Portfolio’ to get an accurate analysis of your mutual fund investments. RankMF SmartSwitch is free of cost.

Investing Isn’t Rocket Science

Generally speaking, we tend to make investing harder than it needs to be. By following a common-sense approach and relying on data-backed advice, anybody can invest and grow their money over time.

Samco’s investment products are an amalgamation of common-sense and cutting edge-technology that simplifies investing for everyone. Explore it yourself by opening a free Demat account and empower your investment decisions with the power of AI and experienced research team to grow your money effortlessly with Samco’s proprietary platforms.

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first published: Nov 6, 2020 10:35 am
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