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Last Updated : Oct 18, 2020 09:06 AM IST

How SBI Card’s contactless payment solutions help in creating ‘Contactless Connections’

With SBI Card, you can now shop and pay, while maintaining a safe distance at all times.

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The transformational changes in the past few months have been unexpected, to say the least. In virtually no time, the world came to a grinding halt and introduced us to a life we had never imagined. Although the government-led unlock has been happening for a while now, we are still adjusting to the new normal. Casual hugs, friendly handshakes and those occasional motivating pats on our backs are now things of the past. Even in these stressful times, there is one thing that is still going strong, and that is the love and warmth in our hearts. Watch this latest film by SBI Card, to witness the heart-warming story between two neighbours and their small yet touching gestures.

This pandemic has taught us to be more sensitive towards the needs of others and have brought us closer than ever. When the plight of Baba Ka Dhaba in Delhi went viral, people thronged in large numbers to show their support to the octagenarian couple.

Similarly, people are finding new ways to grow closer to their loved ones. If you are unable to babysit your sister’s newborn and give her some downtime, you can still order her comfort food from her go-to restaurant. Similarly, you may not be able to go and check on your old neighbours, but you can get them their weekly groceries.

Don't worry if you are concerned about coming in contact with others as you pay in cash or swipe your credit cards. With SBI Card, you can now shop and pay, while maintaining a safe distance at all times. SBI Card lets you #StayContactlessStayHappy with three useful contactless payment options:


Contactless SBI Credit Card 

The Contactless Credit Card from SBI Card gives you a seamless payment experience. Instead of swiping or dipping your card, all you will need is to tap your card on an NFC-enabled Point of Sale (POS) machine.

This card allows you to make payments up to Rs. 2,000 without the need to enter the card PIN. For transactions above Rs. 2,000, you will have to enter the PIN.

SBI Card Pay

The next offering is SBI Card Pay which allows you to make your payments with your Android smartphone. This way, you no longer need to bring your wallet with you and go through the drill of disinfecting them as you come back.

Simply tap your phone on the NFC-enabled POS machine to make faster and secure payments of up to Rs. 2,000. However, you will have to enter your PIN for any transactions above Rs. 2,000.

Scan to Pay

Make safe and secure payments, while also maintaining your social distance with SBI Card’s Scan to Pay. This convenient QR-based solution enables your payments via your mobile phone. Just download the SBI Card Mobile App and scan the Bharat QR code using the Scan to Pay feature, authenticate your request with an OTP, and voila, your payment will be done.

The Benefits of Using Contactless Payments

These contactless payment options from SBI Card offer convenient ways to pay for your purchases.

These options allow you to surprise your friends and family without worrying about touching the POS machines in shops (For transactions up to Rs.2,000). Moreover, it is a safe way where every transaction is encrypted for the security of your crucial details.

COVID-19 has shown us that pandemic can bring us closer together instead of driving us apart. With SBI Card, you can connect with your loved ones for #ContactlessKhushiyan.

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First Published on Oct 18, 2020 09:06 am

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