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Praise for Shah Rukh Khan from author Paulo Coelho: ‘King, legend, friend’

Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, writer of 'The Alchemist', recommended this film of Shah Rukh Khan to western audiences.

February 04, 2023 / 03:53 AM IST
Paulo Coelho is an admirer of Shah Rukh Khan’s work.

Paulo Coelho is an admirer of Shah Rukh Khan’s work.

Shah Rukh Khan is a star loved not just in India but around the world. Not only does he have legions of fans everywhere, he is admired by global celebrities like Sharon Stone and Daniel Radcliffe, among many others.

Even the best-selling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, writer of The Alchemist and Veronica Decides to Die, is a Shah Rukh Khan fan.

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In a recent tweet, the author described Khan as a "king, legend and friend".


"But above all (he is a great actor)," Coelho wrote, responding to video of Khan greeting a sea of fans amid his latest film Pathaan's box office success.

Coelho said those in the West who didn't know the actor must watch his 2010 film My Name is Khan.

Khan tweeted back at Coelho, saying: "You are always too kind my friend".

Shah Rukh Khan's action-thriller film Pathaan is witnessing roaring box office success, despite a campaign calling for its boycott.

Pathaan writer Shridhar Raghavan: Few people are as charming or funny as Shah Rukh Khan. We utilised those strengths

Released on January 25, the film has crossed the 300-crore mark in India. Globally, it has reportedly collected Rs 700 crore.

It was Shah Rukh Khan's first movie appearance since Zero in 2018. In the film, he plays an exiled Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) agent, who comes back to action to destroy a terror group planning to attack India.

He is joined in the film by John Abraham and Deepika Padukone.

Ahead of the film's release, many BJP supporters had called for its boycott, citing a saffron swimsuit worn by Padukone in one of the songs.

Madhya Pradesh minister Narottam Mishra claimed the song, Besharam Rang, reflected a " dirty mindset". He said without the necessary changes, the film will not be allowed to release in his state.

Amid the row, the Central Board of Film Certification told Pathaan's makers to tweak and song and submit the revised version to it.

first published: Feb 3, 2023 11:52 am