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Employee fired for being late first time in over 7 years, claims viral social media post

A Reddit post details how a group of workers at an unidentified workplace stood up to their manager.

August 05, 2022 / 03:54 PM IST
(Representational image)

(Representational image)

A Reddit user has detailed in a now-viral post the "unfair treatment" meted out to them and their co-workers.

The post, which has nearly 79,000 upvotes, spoke about how one of their colleagues was fired from that office for arriving 20 minutes late.

The Reddit user said it was the first time in over seven years that their co-worker had been late. They did not reveal their name or place of work.

The sacked employee's co-workers then came up with a plan to pressure their manager to hire them back.

They decided they would all come to work late till the manager relents.


"We said unfair treatment for being late is not something we want” and then me and another co worker said that we were just straight up worried that because of a mistake or slip up we can be fired," the Reddit user wrote.

The user and his protesting colleagues told their manager that they wanted job security, especially in the present, uncertain times.

Their manager told them that they will not be fired  as long as they do not become “hostile”.

They also called up the employee they had sacked and offered them their job back. But the employee declined the offer, saying they will not return until things change at the office, the Reddit user wrote.

The user added that they wanted to prove that they were not disposable. "We all have a job and a certain area that we are all good at," they added.

Others Reddit users shared their own experiences in the comments section.

"I got fired three months after a massive snowstorm down here in the South," they wrote. "She (their employer) actually used it against me, saying she didn't believe me when I had told her I couldn't make it in."

"Hardest worker in my department, got verbal permission for a day off, supervisor didn't tell anyone, boss fired me when I came in the next day," another person said. "Explained the situation and the boss didn't want to hear it, so that was that."
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first published: Aug 5, 2022 10:31 am
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