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Budget 2023
Budget 2023

Republicans hammer US President Joe Biden over Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Former US President Donald Trump -- who was impeached in 2019 after withholding military aid to Ukraine while pressuring it to announce a bogus corruption investigation into the Biden family -- had earlier said that Putin was "playing Biden like a drum," and praised his "genius."

February 24, 2022 / 10:27 PM IST
Joe Biden (Image: Reuters)

Joe Biden (Image: Reuters)

As US lawmakers raced Thursday to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine, allies of Donald Trump wasted no time in placing the blame squarely with President Joe Biden, saying his administration had emboldened Moscow with a series of policy blunders.

Prominent political figures and commentators on the right dropped the longstanding custom of joining Democrats to speak with one voice in times of international crisis -- accusing the president of weakness and even rallying to Russian leader Vladimir Putin's side.

"Trump did the impossible and brought peace to the Middle East. Biden did the impossible and brought war to Europe," said Arizona congressman Paul Gosar, one of Trump's most loyal backers, who has been accused of ties with white nationalists.

"Vladimir Putin saw how weak President Biden has been as a world leader and took complete advantage of it. This will be yet another crisis to add to his failing resume," added Trump-endorsed Michigan representative Lisa McClain.