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Pak muzzles pro-India voices in POK with brutal force

There are massive protests against the Pakistani government in several areas of PoK, including Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and Kotli

The real face of Pakistan occupied Kashmir has been exposed. There are massive protests against the Pakistani government in several areas of PoK, including Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and Kotli.

CNN-IBN exposes how the Pakistani establishment is using brutal force to quell rebellion in the region, resorting to massive human rights violation even though Islamabad has never lost an opportunity to hit out at New Delhi over Kashmir and the alleged attempts to suppress the people living in the Valley.

Any hint of disturbance in the Kashmir Valley has been deliberately misconstrued as unrest and revolt against the local administration. However, the neighbouring country has maintained deathly silence on atrocities committed in PoK.

While the press is believed to be free in the Valley on the Pakistan side, it is in fact muzzled. CNN-IBN had caught the cries of freedom from Pakistan and proof of human rights violation on tape from ground zero.

Reacting to this, Pakistan government said, "Video shown on CNN-IBN is doctored. We don't control the media in PoK."

The Kashmir issue has been dictating Indo-Pakistan relations for decades. Recently, Islamabad derailed NSA-level talks by including Kashmiri separatists in the dialogue process as India protested their inclusion.

Pakistan has, however, maintained no peace process can be initiated without Kashmir on the talking table. As usual Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif even raised it at the United Nations.

But as Pakistan tries to make a case for Kashmir, its own house in PoK seems to be in disorder.

There are massive protests in PoK, demanding freedom from Pakistan aggression. These can’t be called sporadic protests, as the swelling crowd, and the police and Army presence to reign them in is a clear indicator that these agitations are not one off and are a force to reckon with.

Some protestors have said on camera that Pakistan has no right to use force on them and even that India is better than the neighbouring country.

Unrest in PoK, demands for merging with India, and the rising dissatisfaction with Pakistan considerably weakens Islamabad's Kashmir rhetoric against India. To top that, large human rights violations and illegal detentions will now question the grounds on which Pakistan has been claiming rights for Kashmiris.

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