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North Korea News LIVE: Trump says US will destroy North Korea if forced

The US has called for 'new measures' against North Korea after latest provocation.

  • Sep 15, 08:18 AM (IST)


    * North Korea fires missile that flies over Japan’s northern Hokkaido far out into the Pacific Ocean 

    * The missile reached an altitude of about 770 km and flew for about 19 minutes over a distance of about 3,700 km

    * South Korea responds with military drills and its own missile test

    * US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calls for 'new measures' against North Korea 

    * Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe termed the launch as 'unacceptable''

    * China has appealed for restraint

    * US says will take diplomacy track first, but war not off the table

    * North Korea: Want to maintain military "equilibrium" with the United States

  • Sep 19, 09:33 PM (IST)

    According to some media reports, the US is considering a policy to shoot down the next missile North Korea test-fires, leading to increasing concerns about the outbreak of a worldwide conflict.

  • Sep 19, 09:13 PM (IST)

    In his address to the UN General Assembly, US President Donald Trump said that "Rocket Man" Kim Jong-un is on a suicide mission. "If the righteous many do not confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph," Trump said.

  • Sep 19, 08:05 PM (IST)

    The United States is only 1 out of 193 member countries of the United Nations and still pays more than 22 percent of its entire budget, Trump pointed out. However, he added that if the money results in achieving the goal its is earmarked for -- peace -- then the investment is more than just well worth it.

  • Sep 19, 07:59 PM (IST)

    "I have changed the rules of engagement in our fight against the al-Qaeda and other terrorist organisations," Trump said.

  • Sep 19, 07:58 PM (IST)

    "I have changed the rules of engagement in our fight against the al-Qaeda and other terrorist organisations," Trump said.

  • Sep 19, 07:55 PM (IST)

    "Other than the vast military power of the United States, it is the Iranian people that Iran's leaders fear most," Trump said.

  • Sep 19, 07:53 PM (IST)

    "The longest-suffering victims of the Iranian regime are Iran's own people," Trump said.

  • Sep 19, 07:52 PM (IST)

    Thank China and Russia for joining UN vote, but we must do more in this situation, says Trump.

  • Sep 19, 07:51 PM (IST)

    The United States has great strength and patience, Trump said. But if it is forced to defend itself or its ally, then it will destroy North Korea.

  • Sep 19, 07:45 PM (IST)

    The United States will continue to be a friend to the world, especially to its allies, Trump said, but will not settle for a one-sided deal where the US gets nothing.

  • Sep 19, 07:43 PM (IST)

    As President of the United States, I will always put America first, says Trump.

  • Sep 19, 07:40 PM (IST)

    Trump quotes President Truman as saying that the United Nations is only as strong as its individual member countries.

  • Sep 19, 07:38 PM (IST)

    "To put it simply, we meet at a time of both phenomenal promise and great peril," Trump said.

  • Sep 19, 07:36 PM (IST)

    Trump says US to spend USD 700 billion on military. "Our military will soon be the best it has ever been," Trump said.

  • Sep 19, 07:34 PM (IST)

    President Trump starts his address to the General Assembly. He is expected to talk about North Korea and Iran.

  • Sep 19, 07:33 PM (IST)

    President Temer of Brazil concludes his address to the General Assembly.

  • Sep 19, 07:27 PM (IST)

    As is customary every year, Brazil spoke first in the UN General Assembly meeting. President Temer is still speaking and has hit out against terror in his speech so far.

  • Sep 19, 07:20 PM (IST)
  • Sep 19, 07:10 PM (IST)

    US President Donald Trump is slated to address the General Assembly later in the session. Trump is expected to talk about the North Korean and Iranian crises but going by what his aides have indicated, the speech is expected to have a "philosophical" tone to it.

  • Sep 19, 07:07 PM (IST)

    UN General Assembly president Miroslav Lajčák has started addressing the meet.

  • Sep 19, 07:05 PM (IST)

    "We are not only facing a refugee crisis, we are facing a crisis of solidarity," Guterres said in his address to the UN General Assembly.

  • Sep 19, 07:04 PM (IST)

    While addressing the meet, Guterres called on UN General Assembly leaders to build a UN system aimed at supporting member nations in bettering their citizens' lives.

  • Sep 19, 07:01 PM (IST)

    UN Secretary General António Guterres has started addressing the meet and has warned that we must not sleepwalk our way into a war.

  • Sep 16, 11:10 AM (IST)

    UNSC condemns 'highly provocative' North Korea missile launch

    The UN Security Council on Saturday strongly condemned North Korea's "highly provocative" launch of a missile that flew over Japan and demanded that Pyongyang immediately halt such actions. Read the full story here.

  • Sep 16, 10:07 AM (IST)

    North Korea: Want to maintain "equilibrium" of military force with the United States

    North Korea said on Saturday it aims to reach an "equilibrium" of military force with the United States, which earlier signalled its patience for diplomacy is wearing thin after Pyongyang fired a missile over Japan for the second time in under a month.

    "Our final goal is to establish the equilibrium of real force with the U.S. and make the U.S. rulers dare not talk about military option," North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was quoted as saying by the state news agency, KCNA.

  • Sep 15, 08:44 PM (IST)

    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Friday that North Korea's continuing missile tests threaten the entire world and stressed the United States was working closely with regional allies Japan and South Korea on the problem.

    "In East Asia, an increasingly aggressive and isolated regime in North Korea threatens democracies in South Korea, Japan, and more importantly, and more recently, has expanded those threats to the United States, endangering the entire world," Tillerson said to a gathering of the Community of Democracies.

    "We first look to our regional allies South Korea and Japan. By working with them and other democratic partners, we continue to build consensus at the United Nations Security Council to create a united international front that upholds our values and strives to make us safer." — Reuters Report

  • Sep 15, 06:58 PM (IST)

    The United States wants to exhaust every diplomatic option on North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes and wants to see loopholes in the North Korean sanctions regime closed, US disarmament ambassador Robert Wood said on Friday.

    Asked if war or a military strike was possible, Wood told reporters in Geneva: "We are not taking any options off the table but ... we are pursuing the diplomatic track right now. "That's where we are. We want to exhaust all diplomatic options," Wood said. — Reuters report

  • Sep 15, 06:00 PM (IST)

    UN Secretary-General António Guterres condemned North Korea's missile launch over Japan on Friday and said he would discuss the situation at the United Nations General Assembly's gathering next week. "The Secretary-General calls on the DPRK leadership to cease further testing, comply with the relevant Security Council resolutions, and allow space to explore the resumption of sincere dialogue on denuclearisation," Guterres said in a statement, adding that he would discuss it "with all concerned parties in the margins of the upcoming" UN General Assembly.

  • Sep 15, 05:27 PM (IST)

    A poll by Gallup Analytics suggested the majority of Americans appeared ready to support military action against North Korea, at least as a last resort. Some 58 percent said they would favour taking military action if economic and diplomatic efforts failed to achieve US goals.

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