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Bengaluru flood: Amazon professional says he got Rs 22 lakh repair estimate for car worth Rs 11 lakh

Amazon professional Anirudh Ganesh's Volkswagen car was damaged in the flooding in Bengaluru last month.

October 03, 2022 / 09:48 AM IST
(Image credit: Anirudh Ganesh/LinkedIn)

(Image credit: Anirudh Ganesh/LinkedIn)

A Bengaluru resident said he received an estimated Rs 22 lakh repair bill for a car worth half the amount, which was damaged due to flooding in the city last month.

Anirudh Ganesh, who works with Amazon, took to LinkedIn to call out the "crony capitalism" of automobile company Volkswagen.

In his post, Ganesh wrote that he was handed a 22 lakh estimate by a Volkswagen dealership in Whitefield, after which he approached his car insurance company.

"The insurance company says that the car would be written off as a total loss," Ganesh said.

His next step was to go to the dealership and collect his car. He said he was asked to pay Rs 44,840 as estimation charges, when according to industry standards, they should be just Rs 5,000.

Ganesh said he called and emailed Volkswagen India about the matter. The customer service team told him: "Because of our estimation document only you will get insurance, without us you will not get anything".

Vishal Bhat, a Volkswagen India official, responded to Ganesh's LinkedIn post, assuring him that he would look into the matter.

Ultimately, the showroom allowed him to collect his car by paying Rs 5,000.

"Thanks to one and all who have liked, commented and shared this post," Ganesh wrote. "Hopefully this can be a catalyst for VW to improve its services and help everyone."

Bengaluru, India's Silicon Valley and home to several prominent entrepreneurs, saw unprecedented flooding last month. The internet was filed with images of flooded luxury villas and cars and resident navigating roads on tractors.

Moneycontrol, after speaking to residents and property consultants, reported that crores would go into repairing flooded homes and cars.


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first published: Oct 2, 2022 04:25 pm