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This comedian’s video on tech layoffs is caustic humour at its finest

Comedian Shraddha Jain was calm, collected and caustic in a video offering her take on widespread layoffs in the tech industry.

January 31, 2023 / 02:38 PM IST
Screengrabs from a video Instagrammed by @aiyyoshraddha

Screengrabs from a video Instagrammed by @aiyyoshraddha

Comedian Shraddha Jain was calm, collected and caustic in a video offering her take on widespread layoffs in the tech industry. Shraddha – better known as “Aiyyo Shraddha” on social media – played the role of a techie laid off from their job in her latest Instagram Reel which is going viral online.

The comedian slammed companies that are letting go of employees despite raking in millions in profits. Her use of sarcastic humour to make her point has earned her thousands of views.

In the video, Shraddha, in the role of a sacked techie, said she felt bad for HR that had to go from “diversity and inclusion” to “adversity and expulsion.”

“From work from home to work from office to work for somebody else,” she said. “And all this after all the employee interaction activities to keep employees happy. For that you need employees. They should have focused on keeping employees.”

She did not spare companies tell employees they are like “family.” Real families take each other for granted but don’t let go of each other, she said.

Shraddha’s most biting take was on companies that are laying off employees despite making a profit. “At the company offsite we celebrated the company tripling its profit in a year. What happened? A month later we are so poor. Who robbed us?” she asked.

Shraddha’s video has been viewed over 7 lakh times on Instagram since being shared on January 30.

It was ‘liked’ and watched by hundreds of high-profile personalities, including RPG Group chairman Harsh Goenka who shared it on Twitter.

In the clip, the comedian also addressed the topical issue of ChatGPT and how some people are predicting that the rise of AI will lead to further job cuts.

“AI can’t overtake human paranoia and human curiosity. AI can do what human being have been doing. Only humans can do what human beings haven't done before,” she said.

“I lost my job because investors of the company were not sure if their investment will become 400x in coming years. How will we go to Mars!” she said in a pointed dig at Elon Musk, who fired nearly half of Twitter’s workforce after acquiring the social media giant in October 2022.

Twitter is not the only major tech company to have laid off its employees recently. Big names like Microsoft, Meta and Google are also in the process of carrying out mass layoffs.

Sanya Jain
first published: Jan 31, 2023 11:30 am