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Chinese graduate works at cemetery for ‘better work-life balance'

No long commute or office politics for this 22-year-old.

November 24, 2022 / 01:07 PM IST
A cemetery in Beijing. (Representational image)

A cemetery in Beijing. (Representational image)

A Chinese university graduate has chosen the stillness of a cemetery over a buzzing office -- a career decision that has made her a hit on social media, South China Morning Post reported.

The 22-year-old has shared online photos of her tranquil workplace -- a mountainside burial space in Chongqing.

The woman, identified only by her surname Tan, said her job is "simple and cushy", with cats, dogs and the internet to keep her company.


Her shifts last 8.5 hours, during which she sweeps graves and receives visitors. She gets a two-hour lunch break and is paid 4,000 yuan (Rs 45,760, approximately) each month, the report said.

While some might consider cemeteries unpleasant, Tan said with her job, she doesn't have to endure office politics and long commutes. She described it as “a life of early retirement".

For Tan, it wasn't an unusual move, considering that she studied burial and cemetery management in university.

“This is just an ordinary job. I am just doing something that I find ordinary,” she told South China Morning Post.

On a broader level, China has recorded a trend where people are choosing to do the bare minimum. Called "tang ping" or "lying flat", it is seen as protest against expectations to overwork.

This trend came before "quiet quitting", where professionals continue their jobs but say no any extra work that might prove stressful.

Some experts say "Quiet Quitting" is similar to taking care of one's well being and it puts the onus on employers to create a healthier workplace.

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first published: Nov 24, 2022 01:03 pm