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Bill Gates talks about nuclear power, indoor farming and jumping over chairs

Gates, who hosted the 10th edition of his "Ask Me Anything" answered a variety of questions on on Reddit.

May 22, 2022 / 12:13 PM IST
Bill Gates said he loves doing AMAs because

Bill Gates said he loves doing AMAs because "the Reddit crowd as a whole is well-informed, Redditors don’t pull any punches".

Bill Gates can still jump over a chair from a standing start. "A smaller chair than I could do at age 30... Pretty small now. I try to stay fit playing a lot of tennis," the billionaire shared at his recent edition of AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit.

Gates, who hosted the 10th edition over the weekend answered a variety of questions ranging from his thoughts on nuclear power, indoor farming and even his favourite phone.

Here's an excerpt of some of Bill Gates's favourite questions and his answers:

What’s the current status on the nuclear reactor that uses nuclear waste as fuel? Is it a likely possibility that this nuclear reactor will be built in the upcoming years? If so, do you plan on building in China or would you consider building such a project on US soil? 

Bill Gates: We are still working on this. At first the project was a US-China joint venture but the US cancelled that. So now we are building the demo reactor in Wyoming where a coal plant is closing. It is very promising in terms of the cost and safety advances. If things go well a lot of these reactors will help solve climate change. Eventually we want reactors globally but the first ones will be in the US even though competing with natural gas electricity is hard here.

What are your thoughts on indoor farming?

Bill Gates: For some high value crops it can work. For the cereal crops like wheat, rice and maize it is unlikely to ever be economic. We can improve seeds for all crops a lot to increase productivity - this is a key investment to help reduce the problems caused by climate change.

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What's the one thing you've bought that's brought you the most joy?

Bill Gates: If we do succeed in polio eradication that will be super joyful. It has taken a lot of patience and great strategy to get close to success. The thing that has succeeded the best so far is funding vaccines for poor countries through GAVI. I do like burgers, nice tennis racquets and all the great streaming services but nothing too unique.

What kind of phone do you have?

Bill Gates: I have an Android Galaxy ZFold3. I try different ones. With this screen I can get by with a great portable PC and the phone and nothing else.

Ankita Sengupta
first published: May 22, 2022 11:13 am