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Bengaluru customer gets midnight McDonald’s meal from Swiggy in 10 seconds

This customer especially drove to a McDonalds outlet but still had to order on Swiggy.

February 09, 2023 / 03:23 PM IST
(Image credit: Screengrab from video tweeted by

(Image credit: Screengrab from video tweeted by @caleb_friesen2)

A Bengaluru resident's craving for McDonald's was swiftly fulfilled by Swiggy -- in much less than 10 minutes.

Caleb Friesen, a Canadian who lives in Bengaluru, drove to an outlet in Koramangala recently for a midnight meal but was told they were no longer open.

However, he noticed that a pick-window at the store was open, crowded with delivery persons.

Determined not to leave without his meal, Friesen took out his phone and placed an order from Swiggy. He said a delivery person handed him his order within 10 seconds.

The man shared a video of his exchange with the Swiggy agent.

"Thank you so much. They won't let me in," he told the delivery person

"10-seconds. This is my first very-near delivery," the Swiggy employee responded.


During the conversation, Friesen learnt that the delivery person made YouTube videos as a side hustle.

Friesen, who is himself a videographer with over 5,000 followers on Twitter, returned the favour by promoting the delivery person's channel.

"Sanjay was the one who brought me my order. He makes YouTube videos as a side hustle which he wants to turn into his main hustle, check him out on YouTube at hellosanjay," Friesen wrote.

Twitter users described their interaction as a "peak Bengaluru" moment.

One person commented: "10 seconds, haha! Zepto's going to have a complex."

Another asked Friesen if he got a post-midnight discount. "It’s either some money off or a free McVeggie I think," they said.

first published: Feb 9, 2023 03:21 pm