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Giant US slide sends riders flying: 'Had a concussion just watching'

Videos of people speeding down a 50-foot slide in Michigan are going viral on social media.

August 27, 2022 / 04:14 PM IST
(Image credit: @artcombatpod/Twitter)

(Image credit: @artcombatpod/Twitter)

A massive slide in US state Michigan, which had been a favourite since decades, is now in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Videos have been circulating on social media of riders flying down the 50-foot Bell Isle slide and landing hard -- an experience that was anything but joyful.




What made the slide uncontrollably fast and bumpy was a fresh coat of wax, according to The Detroit Times.

Children were seen limping as they got off the slide. A woman lost her phone, headphones and glasses while rapidly sliding down Bell Isle, The New York Times reported.

“The next thing you know I was sliding into a gate," Taylor Shannon told the newspaper.

She was left with a headache and a painful heel after the slide. Later, she experienced a sore back.

Vernon Powell, who brought his grandson to the slide, recalled how easy it was to ride it back in the 60s and 70s.

"(I didn't lose my) teeth, didn’t break my leg or chip a tooth," he told Fox News. "In the late 60s, early 70s we used to go down standing up, sometimes head first, sometimes it was a quarter a ride, 5 rides for a $1."

Michigan's Department of Natural Resources, that operates the slide, had to shut it amid widespread safety concerns.

The slide reopened after the authorities rubbed some wax off the slide and sprayed water on it.

Now, there is a video online demonstrating how to ride the slide safely. “The biggest thing is you got to lean forward and stay leaning forward and hold on tight,” a park ranger said in the video uploaded by the Belle Isle Park on Facebook.

The slide has inspired a song from Detroit rapper GMacCash.

"It's like jumping off a roof. Man, you could lose a tooth," the artist said in the song called Giant Slide.  "Man, you can break your back (on the giant slide), you can even break your neck (on the giant slide), you can even bump your head (on the giant slide), man even watch your arms and legs (on the giant slide)."

The slide also found a mention on the Jimmy Kimmel show.
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first published: Aug 27, 2022 04:10 pm
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