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11-year-old boy shot by police after he called for help, officer suspended

Aderrien Murry was shot in the chest by an Indianola Police Department officer early Saturday morning.

May 26, 2023 / 03:20 PM IST
US boy

11-year-old Aderrien Murry was shot by a police officer at his residence. (Photo credit: Screengrab from

A 11-year-old boy in the United States was shot by a police officer at his residence after he called the "911" emergency number for help. The injured boy, identified as Aderrien Murry from Mississippi, was admitted to a hospital and later discharged.

"Aderrien was shot in the chest by the police officer early Saturday morning while the officer was responding to a domestic disturbance call at the child's home," Murry's mother Nakala Murry told CNN.

Describing the situation, Murry said that the boy called the police after the "irate" father of another of her children came home at 4 am on Saturday. Worried about her safety, she told her son to call the police.

She further added that the police official came home and "had his gun drawn at the front door and asked those inside the home to come outside." Murry added that when the boy emerged from the hallway corner and came into the main area, "he got shot".

"I cannot grasp why. The same cop told him to come out of the house. (Aderrien) did, and he got shot. He kept asking, 'Why did he shoot me? What did I do wrong?'" Murry said.

The family has called for the officer, identified as Greg Capers, to be fired. The officer was later suspended from the police department.

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first published: May 26, 2023 03:14 pm