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US-firm develops a smartwatch that never needs charging

The watch instead uses heat generated by the body of the user to power itself.

Watches are still regarded as an essential part of a person’s wardrobe even though smartphones have tried to occupy their place. Smartphones though require charging at regular intervals. But now a company has come up with a solution that perhaps could revolutionise watches altogether.

US-based Matrix Industries has introduced Matrix PowerWatch, an electronic watch that the manufacturer claim does not need any charging. The watch instead uses heat generated by the body of the user to power itself.

According to the manufacturer, the human body emits 100 watts of heat even when they are resting. When a person is exercising this is increased to 1 kilowatt, which is at par with the power that is used by an average home.

So, in other words, the watch generates more power when a person is exercising or in a cold atmosphere, making it more efficient.

Source: Matrix PowerWatch, YouTube

The watch also has a unique power meter revealing the amount of electricity generated by the body and comes with some exciting features. It allows a person to assess the number of calories he or she has burned with the use of the thermo-electric technology in the phone that measures the heat the body generates using the calories consumed by the person.

Besides this, the watch also has many other features including sensors that track activity and sleep quality of a person. The watch comes with changeable wallpapers that allow users to have a display that suits the person’s mood.

The watch has various inbuilt micro applications that enable it to do more than just tell time.

More importantly, the watch can be synced to the user’s smartphone and cloud account. The watch which is water resistant to up to 50 metres can also store data when not in use.
First Published on Nov 14, 2017 06:41 pm
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