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This Smart Mirror lets you book an Uber, check emails, Facebook & Twitter

The mirror keeps you updated with notifications from social sites like Facebook and Twitter and the latest news from the leading publications.

Ever wondered if you could book an Uber while combing your hair or applying make-up or putting up a tie? There's a company that is developing a Smart Mirror which does just that.

Nuovo has introduced a prototype of WiFi-capable Smart Mirror which can change the way we look at mirrors. Smart Mirror keeps you updated with notifications from social sites like Facebook and Twitter, besides the latest news. You can also access YouTube videos or even book an Uber.

Apart from that, the mirror keeps updating your daily schedule with the help of Google Calendar.

It will give regular updates on the latest decor trends and access to emails. A user can control the display on the mirror by accessing through the mirror or with the mobile application.

Here have a look on Smart Mirror made by Nuovo

How does the Smart Mirror work?

The mirror can be used by creating an account and install the ‘Smart Mirror app’ with UPS or WiFi connection.

Once the app is downloaded, register by signing up and syncing all the apps by allowing them to access the information.

“We have successfully made a prototype of smart touch screen mirror which is integrated with the artificial intelligence for a better user experience. It will reduce dependencies on multiple products which can be operated through a single device which is a mirror,” said Prasoon Shrivastava, founder and CEO of Nuovo.

He added that the first prototype has made by keeping in mind the usability in homes.

There will be other prototypes by keeping in mind the commercial offices, hotels, as per the requirement.

Applications integrated with the Smart mirrorFacebook, Twitter, Gmail, Clock, News, YouTube, Maps, Uber, HelpMeBuild, Calendar.
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