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Samsung announces 15.6-inch 4K OLED laptop displays are coming in 2019

Samsung’s Ultra-HD 15.6-inch OLED display boasts significant improvements over traditional LCD panels.

Carlsen Martin
Samsung announce 4K OLED laptop in 2019
Samsung announce 4K OLED laptop in 2019

CES 2019 may have forever changed the laptop game with big players like Samsung, HP and Lenovo unveiling bright and vibrant OLED 4K UHD displays. And Samsung isn’t wasting any time with their most recent announcement that the South Korean giants will begin mass production of their 4K OLED panels for 15.6-inch laptops in February. A relatively small number of notebooks come with OLED panels; however, Samsung is the first to stretch a 4K OLED laptop panel to 15.6 inches.

Samsung’s Ultra-HD 15.6-inch OLED display boasts significant improvements over traditional LCD panels. OLED panels don’t require an external backlight to illuminate; each individual pixel lights on its own; as a result, blacks appears 200 times darker and whites twice as bright, maximising the advantage of HDR to deliver stunning visuals in ultra-high resolution.

Samsung claims the OLED panels features a colour spectrum of 3.4 million colours, which is double of what you get on LCD panels similar in size. The 4K OLED panels will boast an impressive brightness range of 0.0005 to 600 nits, and a dynamic contrast ratio of 120,000:1. Additionally, the 1.7 times higher colour volume will not only improve clarity but also reduce imagery degradation outdoors. Having an OLED laptop panel will also offer very narrow display bezels, which will give the laptop a more premium design and reduce its size.

While OLED display technology does boast several visual improvements on traditional LCD technology, it isn’t perfect. Take for example the burn-in issue that occurs when displaying static images for more extended periods. Then there’s the matter of price; manufacturing OLED panels does cost more than making LCD panels, which would significantly increase the overall price of the laptop without any real difference in the spec sheet, other than the display. Issues like off-axis colour shifting and ghosting have also not been fully resolved on OLED panels.

Regardless of the drawbacks, a 4K OLED panel on a 15.6-inch laptop should offer significant improvement in visual clarity. And like it or not, a laptop screen with better contrast ratios, colour gamut, and brightness levels than traditional LCD laptop screens is something to look forward too.
First Published on Jan 28, 2019 03:01 pm
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