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Netflix discloses total number of paid subscribers in every region

Asia-Pacific has the smallest market but is recording the highest growth rate.

December 17, 2019 / 06:07 PM IST

Popular video streaming platform Netflix has disclosed the total number of subscribers it has across the world according to regions globally for the first time.

The company has never detailed the number of users on the platform outside the United States.

Netflix confirmed that there are 67.1 million pay subscribers in the United States and Canada, which is almost two million more than in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, which currently stands at 47.4 million members.

However, growth in EMEA has risen up to 40-percent over the 6.5-percent growth recorded in the US and Canada.

According to the statistics, Netflix’s third-biggest market is Latin America, with 29.4 million users. While Asia-Pacific accounts for its smallest market with 14.5 million subscribers, the growth in the Asia-Pacific market is the strongest at 53-percent.


Netflix’s average revenue per subscriber in Asia-Pacific markets is $9.29 (Approx. Rs 650), while Latin America has the lowest revenue per subscriber at $8.63 (Approx. Rs 613).

The United States and Canada have the most revenue per subscriber at $13.08 (Approx. Rs 929), while EMEA’s $10.40 (Approx. 739) accounts for the second-highest revenue per subscriber.

While Netflix doesn’t reveal country-wise subscriber numbers, price-sensitive countries like India and Indonesia are emerging as significant markets.

Netflix only recently began experimenting with more affordable plans in India. After recording the highest revenue and market share in the US and Canada, Netflix is now looking to replicate that success in other markets as competition in Northern America gets tougher with services like Apple TV Plus and Disney+.
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first published: Dec 17, 2019 06:07 pm

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