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Maruti Suzuki takes a humane focus with People Technology

The new campaign underlines the automaker’s line of thought in the technologies it builds and how they are inspired by those who use them.

March 09, 2021 / 04:17 PM IST

The best type of innovation is the one that benefits the end-user and that is the emphasis with which Maruti Suzuki innovates and introduces automotive technologies.

The automaker deeply understands Indian consumers, their driving behaviour, product usage, and thus, develops path-breaking technologies that are affordable, aspirational and relevant. Maruti Suzuki calls it ‘People Technology’, as behind every advancement lies an in-depth analysis of customer needs and expectations.

Here’s how People Technology encapsulates the many aspects of the driving experience: -

Comfort and Convenience

Maruti Suzuki has essentially democratized automatic cars in India, making the convenience of automatic transmission accessible to buyers across different segments.

As a technology, Auto Gear Shift gives you the flexibility of switching between automatic and manual as and when required, makes it easy to drive in traffic with Creep mode and gives you the acceleration you need with the Kick-Down function. Designed with driving comfort in mind, Maruti Suzuki has sold more than 7.5 lakh automatic transmission cars to date!

When it comes to convenience, Maruti Suzuki also offers the next-generation Smartplay Studio Infotainment system. This touchscreen infotainment system connects the smartphone and a variety of cloud-based services, thereby offering several connectivity options and a host of vehicle alerts that keep you updated on the go.

The practical thought that has gone into these two automotive technologies is what makes them so appealing to a bigger pool of car buyers.


Adhering to the safety norms defined by the Indian Government, Maruti Suzuki has the ‘Heartect Platform’ on offer that enhances safety through intelligent design. The frame has a smooth and continuous design for better impact absorption and is designed to enhance driving performance and fuel efficiency. Underpinning a number of Maruti Suzuki cars, the HEARTECT platform ensures both safety and better driving dynamics.

Connected car experience

Maruti Suzuki understands the importance of peace of mind. With the Suzuki Connect feature, you can share your live location, find the location of your car in the parking lot, and even get the tow-away alerts on your mobile, among other features.

Keeping in mind what it is built for, Suzuki Connect extends a sense of assurance through the wide range of capabilities it offers as a car telematics unit.


With a mission to promote and sustain green mobility, Maruti Suzuki has turned its vision into reality with factory-fitted S-CNG cars. This technology is based on three pillars- Performance, Safety and Savings to fuel efficiency. The company has upgraded its K- Series engines, and also launched Smart Hybrid technology. With continuous innovation, the car manufacturer has reduced nearly 20% weighted CO2 across the fleet in the past 15 years.

Technology inspired by real people

That, in essence, is what automotive technology at Maruti Suzuki is all about – relevant solutions that enhance the everyday driving experience of real people. This is why it is aptly called People Technology.

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first published: Mar 9, 2021 04:15 pm
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