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Letstrack Bike review: Keep track of your two-wheeler, wherever you are

Letstrack Bike is a fairly simple device that can monitor the whereabouts of your bike. More expensive variants even track driving speed, engine cut-off and fuel usage, and even have anti-theft alarms.

August 13, 2019 / 03:56 PM IST

For about a week now, my two-wheeler has been fitted with a vehicle tracker from Letstrack. Letstrack is a Gurgaon-based global security service company that offers a range of GPS-enabled devices for tracking everything from a two-wheeler to four-wheelers, as well as individuals.

Of course there are manufacturers that offer app connectivity with their vehicles, but that’s not true for all. That’s where Letstrack comes in. The one fitted in my bike is the Letstrack Bike. It is a fairly simple device that is capable of monitoring the whereabouts of your bike and gives notifications when the bike is switched on or off.

The slightly more expensive trackers have a load of features more, from warnings if you exceed speed limits, to engine cut-off, to anti-theft alarms.

Letstrack Screenshot 2

The companion app that comes with the device is pretty extensive. It gives you all sorts of readings. Firstly as a GPS tracker, it has the previous 24 hours always logged. Apart from this, you also get a value screen that gives you details such as distance travelled, average speed, maximum speed as well as fuel consumed and fuel costs.


However, you do need to upload fuel cost and mileage details to get accurate readings.

While the app is fairly extensive, we do wish the user interface was a little smoother and easier to use. It takes a while to understand how the app functions and what information is available, and where, in the app.

Letstrack screenshot

The Letstrack Bike is priced at Rs 4,499. It is subscription-based, and while the first year is free, subscription packages start at Rs 75 per month for the second year onwards.

Having said all of this, the Letstrack Bike is mainly useful if you operate a fleet of bikes or if you lend your bike often to friends or family, and wish to keep track of it.

At an initial cost of just under Rs 5,000, it may not be quite useful for an average individual.
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first published: Aug 13, 2019 03:55 pm
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