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Latest Beta build of Chrome tests technologies that make it easier to run games in your browser

The two new standards WebCodecs and WebGPU make cloud gaming easier to achieve in a browser

August 31, 2021 / 05:05 PM IST
Chrome 94 is testing WebCodecs and WebGPU

Chrome 94 is testing WebCodecs and WebGPU

Google has announced a new beta build for its Chrome browser (94) that integrates the next generation of technologies that will make running games in your browser easier.

WebCodecs is a low-level API that will give developers access to video encoding and decoding codecs to help support emerging applications like, "latency-sensitive game streaming, client-side effects or transcoding, and polyfillable media container support, without the increased network and CPU cost of JavaScript or WebAssembly codec implementations."

The API will allow developers to use media components already bundled with your browser such as - Video and audio encoders, Video and audio decoders, Raw video frames and Image decoders. This in turn will allow developer's to maintain relatively latency free cloud streaming, which is important for the gameplay experience when streaming games using a cloud service.

WebGPU gives developer's more access to your machine's graphics horsepower. It allows them to link directly into gaming API's such as Direct X 12, Vulkan or Apple's Metal to improve the quality of graphics for games designed for the browser.

A direct link to graphics API's will mean better support for faster computation processes that can be performed directly on a graphics card. This will let developer's tap into more horsepower for the future.


Besides gaming, both technologies have also seen interest from outside the field too, such as using WebCodecs for video conferencing and WebGPU for rendering 3D models that can be viewed directly in your browser.

Google says that WebCodecs is nearing release but WebGPU is currently experimental and will see full release with Chrome version 99 expected sometime in early 2022.
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first published: Aug 31, 2021 05:05 pm
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