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iOS 15 bugs continue to infuriate iPhone owners

The latest software update has bought with it a plethora of bugs

September 30, 2021 / 03:28 PM IST
Apple is working on fixing these issues

Apple is working on fixing these issues

Apple's newest iOS 15 update for iPhone 6 and up has continued to cause headaches for users with numerous bugs and issues. Among the most popular being reported right now are photos in the Messages app disappearing, the Camera app glitching and bringing up a non-functional viewfinder on occasion and several freeze issues with the Mail app.

Many users have also noticed missing features from Siri - Apple's virtual assistant - which were present in previous iterations of the software to help the visually challenged.

The photos bug in the Messages app, deletes a photo if the thread they arrived in is removed. People have reported that this persists even if iCloud backups are enabled. Users who have access to iOS 15.1 Beta report that the issues is still present in the next update, which means Apple will have to rush out a fix soon. The only solution for now, is to not delete threads you receive photos on.

Other problems such as lock screen freezes are also present. This issue seems to affect wake on touch and causes the phone to be unresponsive after trying to swipe to unlock. The Mail app has also fallen victim to multiple crashes and freezes, including not refreshing or showing notifications while running in the background.

Some accessibility options in Siri that helped visually impaired users, seem to have disappeared. Voice commands for checking voicemails, showing call history or sending email's no longer work. Users have reported these commands have disappeared from iOS 14 as well, which suggests that Apple has removed them intentionally.
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first published: Sep 30, 2021 03:28 pm
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