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InfrasoftTech’s Mixed Reality technology enables customer authentication in just 3 minutes

Intermingling technology with banking, the solution aims to revolutionize banking thereby improving security, curbing frauds & enhancing digital experience for customers.

November 28, 2019 / 08:58 PM IST

Customer authentication process is all set to get reduced drastically with the launch of Infrasoft Technologies’ (InfrasoftTech) Mixed Reality (MR) technology for banks.

The extensive process of performing thorough background checks on customers which earlier used to take over 4-5 days can now be done in just three minutes. Intermingling technology with banking, this first-of-its-kind solution aims to revolutionize banking thereby improving security, curbing frauds and enhancing the digital customer experience.

The MR-enabled eye gears will simulate the bank branch experience wherein banking executives will be able to scan the face of a customer and after authentication, get access to their banking portfolio in one sight.

InfrasoftTech has also introduced a host of other solutions with the launch of its Mixed Reality Channel within its Kiya.ai Omnichannel & Open Banking solution which enables a user to access information in 3D view with the use of touch, speech, or hand gestures, anytime and anywhere. These latest tech-solutions from the company will act as a game-changer for banks and financial institutions to deliver enhanced customer experience by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, IoT and analytics.

Rajesh Mirjankar Managing Director & CEO, InfrasoftTech said, “We are extremely thrilled to introduce our ‘Made in India’ futuristic Mixed Reality channel for banks and financial institutions worldwide. The world of Omnichannel will move beyond mobiles, tablets and desktops to wearables where one wouldn’t need to carry devices to click and browse. Our journey of Omnichannel with Kiya.ai does not stop at mobiles and tablets. It extends to IoT, Immersive UX, Open APIs and Voice Commerce.


“With the launch of our new Mixed Reality Channel, we aim to offer the blend of the real world and digital objects such as data and workflows in a UX that renders a different experience. Over the last few years, we have truly embraced the wave of these futuristic technologies and tried to weave in them the daily chores of banking.”

InfrasoftTech’s Mixed Reality channel within its Kiya.ai Omnichannel & Open Banking solution can be deployed across various functions of banks such as Customer Contact Management & Reporting, Compliance & Risk Management, CRM Analytics and much more. It also provides gamification of processes thus eliminating the need for specific training on new products.
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first published: Nov 28, 2019 08:58 pm

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