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How to use keyboard shortcuts on Google Chrome to make life easier

Google Chrome has many keyboard shortcuts which many users are not aware of.

In today's hectic work environment people often complain of having their concentration broken while shifting from keyboard to the mouse.

However, Google Chrome, one of the most popular web browsers, has many keyboard shortcuts which can solve this issue.

Here's a list of shortcuts which will make life easier for users while browsing through Google Chrome:

#Too many tabs open and can't find the right one? Use - Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + PgDn to shift rightwards and use - Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl + PgUp to shift leftwards

#Closed a tab by mistake and don't remember its URL? Don't worry. Use Ctrl + Shift + t  (can be used if caps lock is on)

#Using somebody else's PC and don't want them to keep a track of your browsing history? Use - Ctrl + Shift + n (can be used if caps lock is on)

#Want to open a new tab? Use - Ctrl + t (can be used if caps lock is on)

#Want to close a tab? Use - Ctrl + w (can be used if caps lock is on) or Ctrl + F4

#If you want to skip to a specific tab, Chrome offers you to do it for 8 tabs, if you number your tabs, Just press Ctrl +1 through Ctrl + 8

#To go to the last tab, use Ctrl + 9

#Looking for something specific on a long tedious document? Use - Ctrl +f (can be used if caps lock is on)

#Too many tabs open and want to open another browsing page? Use Ctrl + n (can be used if caps lock is on)

#Want to minimise your work and go for a break? Use Alt+Space+n (can be used if caps lock is on)

#Back from your break? Maximise your work by using Alt+Space+x (can be used if caps lock is on)

#Don't like what you see and want to go back? Use Alt + Left Arrow

#Changed your mind and want to go forward in your browsing history? Use Alt + Right Arrow

#Want to start over? Use Alt+Home (you will find the home button on the right side of your keyboard, next your number pad)

#Done with work and browsing the web? Use - Ctrl+shift+w (can be used if caps lock is on)

These shortcuts will help speed up your work. So sit back, try these shortcuts and browse the web just by using the keyboard.

Note: These shortcuts are only for Windows and Linux users

For more shortcuts visit Google Chrome Help 
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