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Google fights record EU fine, says regulators ignored Apple

Google was fined a record $5 billion in 2018 for anti-competitive behaviour by the EU regulators

September 28, 2021 / 12:10 PM IST
Google hit out against the EU regulators saying they ignored Apple

Google hit out against the EU regulators saying they ignored Apple

Google is fighting tooth and nail after European Union (EU) regulators imposed a record 4.34 billion-euro ($5 billion) fine on the search giant for anti-competitive practices. The EU found Google guilty of stifling competition because of the dominance of its Android operating system. The judgement was passed in 2018.

Between 2017 and 2019, Google was penalised close to $8 billion by the EU commission. It found the company guilty of three anti-trust breaches during that time. The two others were for Google Search and shopping.

Critics at the time pointed out that while the sums were large, the penalties imposed wouldn't cost Google much.

As per a report by Reuters, Google is now locked in a five-day hearing with the top European Union court where it appealed against the decisions.

"The Commission shut its eyes to the real competitive dynamic in this industry, that between Apple and Android," Google's lawyer Meredith Pickford told the court.


"By defining markets too narrowly and downplaying the potential constraint imposed by the highly powerful Apple, the Commission has mistakenly found Google to be dominant in mobile operating systems and app stores, when it was in fact a vigorous market," Pickford added.

The Commission's lawyer Nicholas Khan argued that dragging Apple into the fight did not change things since both companies pursue different models. He further added that Google forcing companies to pre-install the Google Apps package - Google Search, Maps, Play Store, Chrome and more - did not allow competition to fester on the Android ecosystem.

The five-day hearing will take place through the week but a decision may not be made until next year.
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first published: Sep 28, 2021 12:10 pm
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