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Battery trouble strikes Samsung again: Some Galaxy Note 8 phones won't turn on once discharged

This is the second major issue on the long list of Samsung Galaxy Note series. In 2016, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 was involved in an in famous battery explosion fiasco which cost the company billions of dollar and pole position in many markets.

In what would be the second successive battery problem to affect Samsung's flagship Galaxy Note series, the latest model in the line has been found to suffer a unique issue: some phones do not turn back on when their battery goes to zero.

Samsung, the world's largest smartphone maker, acknowledged receiving complaints over the battery issue. The issue was first flagged by tech website SamMobile after users started pouring in with their complaints at various forums.

According to affected users, the phone does not switch back on once the battery completely runs out. Once connected to the charger again, though the battery appears to have started charging again, it continues to be dead.

A user complained saying, “My wife’s Note 8 turned off today and won’t turn back on. Tried the soft reset and safe mode button pushes and it won’t turn on. When it’s plugged in, the red light doesn’t turn on.”

Another complaint on another forum read, “I’ve tried 3 different power cables and cords but nothing. I charged overnight and still nothing. Completely dead.”

While most complain about the phone's inability to start again, some users noticed their smartphones were heating up slightly while connected to the charger. (The phone still remained dead though.)

While acknowledging the issue in UK, the company has advised affected customers to call customer care.

In the meanwhile, Samsung issued a statement in a German news portal pcwelt which said, “Of course Samsung takes all reports of this kind seriously. We have received only a very small number of customer inquiries that can be linked to charge management. Unfortunately, we can only comment on the matter further, if we have more detailed information about the affected devices.”

Galaxy Note series has faced battery issues even in the past when Note 8’s predecessor Galaxy Note 7 ran into an exploding battery fiasco. The fiasco resulted in Samsung reportedly recalling more than 22,000 Note 7 phones.

Eventually, the company scrapped the product after suffering heavy losses amounting to USD 5.3 billion (£4.2 billion) in lost profit, besides reputational damage.
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