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#AppleToo publishes first stories on Apple's toxic work culture, discrimination

#AppleToo was started to bring to light tales of harassment within one of the biggest companies in technology

August 31, 2021 / 03:17 PM IST
The team has collected more than 500 accounts of toxic workplace behaviour

The team has collected more than 500 accounts of toxic workplace behaviour

Formed by current and former employees at Apple, the #AppleToo movement has been organised to bring to light, toxic workplace behaviour at Apple in the wake of similar protests that have sprung up at Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard and Google.

The movement has so far collected more than 500 stories of workplace abuse and harassment at one of the world's largest tech companies. They have now shared the first digest of five stories on their official Medium page.

The first of these stories deals with a black retail worker in the UK who was shut down after an interview for a lead role for not being the, "black loud energetic person they were expecting."

They also detail how Apple changed the Black@Apple team overnight, hiring two white male employees and one black male who worked only on weekends.

Another story details a minority woman having to deal with being neglected by a male boss. According to the story, she does not get invited to meetings, doesn't get access to important documents, gets no invites for team lunches or celebrations or does not get her accomplishments acknowledged.


Cher Scarlett, a security engineer at Apple is the face of the movement. She has said that the group will share five stories at a time in a digest, "as the emotional toll in reading these is heavy."

Apple's statement so far has been, "We take all concerns seriously and we thoroughly investigate whenever a concern is raised and, out of respect for the privacy of any individuals involved, we do not discuss specific employee matters."

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first published: Aug 31, 2021 02:50 pm
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