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Policy Talk | What's the big deal with artificial general intelligence?

In this edition of Policy Talk, Brett King - founder of The Futurists Network, bestselling author & entrepreneur - spoke to Yatish Rajawat - founder of Centre for Innovation in Public Policy - about the role of artificial general intelligence.

December 01, 2022 / 06:03 PM IST

Some excerpts from the chat:

"I'll just put it this way to summarize the intention of artificial intelligence. Particularly AGI (artificial general intelligence) has always been to eliminate humans from the workforce. That has always been the intention of AI."

"Techno unemployment will either produce one of two effects, either it will create social unrest and the collapse of society based on unsustainable levels of human unemployment. "

"How we deal with this transition to a highly automated society and removing humans from the essential role of human capital to keep the economy going instead of computers."

"From an employment perspective, in an highly automated society climate change mitigation is the only real growth industry that's going to require human capital to respond."

"The core principles of economic theory are changing. What is the economy for- in a highly automated society, is the economy there to create GDP growth or full employment. It will still create goods, strong trade balances, low inflation rates, and high GDP growth, but little employment."

"If you look at universal basic income trials that we've already seen, there have been about 75 to 80 of these trials around the world over the last few years. Interesting things that come out of it is that under UBI trials entrepreneurship flourishes. People that create their own business do so at three or 400% higher rates than the general population."

"By 2050, between 300 million and 1.6 billion eco refugees will be there. Refugees displaced by climate change, specifically sea level rise. Due to global warming, where heat is untenable for long term residents. Due to food scarcity because of changing farming practices due to water or soil scarcity."

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first published: Dec 1, 2022 06:01 pm