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Policy Talk | Are India's universities preparing students for the future? Explore with ace educator Pramath Sinha

In an exclusive chat, Pramath Sinha - founder of ISB, Harappa and Ashoka University - spoke to Yatish Rajawat - founder of Centre for Innovation in Public Policy - about the rapidly changing landscape of education triggered by the New Education Policy and technology.

November 12, 2022 / 02:51 PM IST

Who is Pramath Sinha?

Sinha is among the most successful education entrepreneurs in the country. He has set up Ashoka University, ISB  and Harappa as an edtech. He has a bird's eye view of the churn and change that is happening in Indian higher education space due to technology and policy shifts. He is currently the chairman of Ashoka University. He has been involved with setting up more universities than possibly any  other individual in the country till now.

What is Sinha talking about?

Indian universities are currently facing the most challenging time due to NEP and technology. "Online digital learning is as fundamental and as profound as the use of textbooks, from 700 years ago, when the printing press was invented and how that spread education around the world", he said.

How has higher education changed?

"Today, students are thinking beyond degrees, they have started thinking about lifelong learning , about life skills that are needed  for them to do their jobs and that is changing continuously," according to Sinha.

What is the biggest challenge for Indian universities?

Finding academic talent that can teach. Finding academics that are open to multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research work and teaching. The silos are working against academics and it is not working in the interests of students.

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first published: Nov 12, 2022 02:42 pm