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Thyssenkrupp’s steel business could tempt Indian companies to bid

The German conglomerate’s plan to separate its steel business may get revived. Indian steel majors may throw their hat in the ring, with investors worrying at its impact on their financials

March 23, 2023 / 01:33 PM IST
Thyssenkrupp’s steel business could tempt Indian companies to bid

Domestic investors in steel companies may groan on hearing the news. They will have memories of Tata Steel’s seemingly never-ending mating dance with Thyssenkrupp for merging their steel businesses, that was abandoned after it tripped on the European Union’s anti-trust policy. That was in 2019, there were rumours some years later of talks restarting between the two but nothing came of it. Now comes news that Thyssenkrupp may again put its steel division in the M&A ring, according to a...

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