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The US and China are decoupling, but not as fast as you think

Current hostilities make the narrative credible but the long-term picture is more complicated

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The US and China are decoupling, but not as fast as you think

There is disagreement about what Taiwan is. China views Taiwan as part of its territory, whereas Taiwan maintains that it is a separate nation. Taiwan has its own constitution, democratically-elected leaders, and military. (Image: News18 creative)

Leo Lewis Before China’s fighter jets roared and its ballistic missiles screamed into the seas off Taiwan last week, analysts had already begun laying out — from incursion to inaction — what investors could expect next. Consensus among those forecasters was in short supply, and if anything, there is even less of it now. Both the US and China have spent recent days arguing about the definition and condition of the status quo, but the status quo now feels unambiguously in...

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