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The Indian economy is the cleanest dirty shirt in a filthy closet

The report by RBI economists on the state of the economy this month says financial markets are contesting the gloomy outlook painted for the global economy this year

January 23, 2023 / 11:56 AM IST
The Indian economy is the cleanest dirty shirt in a filthy closet

The State of the Economy report acknowledges weak demand in the FMCG and auto sector, while even hotel occupancy indicates ‘a sub-par seasonal recovery’.

Highlights The state of the economy report says there are plenty of risks for the global economy this year But the markets are optimistic as inflation comes down and are pricing in a soft landing Forecasts of a slowdown in trade growth too may be far off the mark The nowcast of world growth this year is 2.2 percent, while that for India in FY 24 is 6.6 percent We would have to wait till 2024 for inflation to get down to 4 percent Capital...

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