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The Green Pivot | Bajaj Auto drafts aggressive EV plank amid sagging sales

Bajaj plans to kick-start commercial production of electric two-wheelers (e2W) by June 2022 and ramp up annual capacity to 500,000 units

January 24, 2022 / 12:12 PM IST
The Green Pivot | Bajaj Auto drafts aggressive EV plank amid sagging sales

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Unfettered by the prolonged drop in domestic two-wheeler sales, Bajaj Auto Ltd is forging ahead aggressively with its electric vehicle (EV) strategy. A few months back, the two-and three-wheeler maker announced switching its equity stake in Europe’s KTM AG for a higher stake in the parent company. This strategic move brings access to a larger product portfolio. Earlier, it had reintroduced its iconic scooter brand Chetak with an EV version too. This is not all. The firm has drafted an...

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