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Serum Institute gets ahead in COVID-19 vaccine, but opportunity still exists for others

Serum Institute alone cannot inoculate the entire population at one go. This leaves enough space for competitor vaccines, provided they succeed in clinical trials

January 06, 2021 / 11:13 AM IST
Serum Institute gets ahead in COVID-19 vaccine, but opportunity still exists for others

Close to 8 million frontline workers have already registered under the Co-WIN app to get inoculated. (Source: Reuters)

The approval for Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech’s COVID-19 vaccines raises questions about the immunisation business potential for others. Several companies including Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd, Cadila Healthcare Ltd, and Biological E Ltd are at various stages of developing a vaccine for COVID-19. Serum Institute in partnership with Novavax is also developing another vaccine. Of the two that have received emergency approval, Serum Institute’s Covishield is backed by AstraZeneca/Oxford University technology and has supportive efficacy data (though...

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