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Retail investors are playing the long term game : Vasanth Kamath, CEO, Smallcase 

Investors now have longer investing horizons leading to stronger portfolio retention, says Vasanth Kamath, CEO & Founder, Smallcase

November 10, 2022 / 09:39 PM IST
Retail investors are playing the long term game : Vasanth Kamath, CEO, Smallcase 

Century Plyboards | CMP: Rs 610 | The share price fjumped over 4 percent after the company's revenue was up 11.7% at Rs 908.6 crore versus Rs 813.6 crore, YoY. However, its Q2FY23 net profit fell 5 percent at Rs 94.1 crore versus Rs 99 crore YoY.

An asset class is silently picking up momentum in the country, both in terms of participants and assets under management (AUM). Smallcase has taken the investing fraternity by surprise and has been well received. Vasanth Kamath, Founder & CEO, smallcase describes it as a transactable portfolio of stocks, ETFs, etc. that could be transacted, tracked, and managed easily.  The choice that the asset class offers increases its popularity. With over 70 lakh users and Rs 37,500 crore transactions, smallcase has made its mark as an asset class worth considering...

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