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RBI’s take on capital flows, and what it means for stock markets

Volatility (US CBOE VIX) and term premia have been found to be correlated with portfolio flows into India. This makes the case for investors to track US growth, the US yield curve, and the US CBOE VIX 

June 24, 2022 / 08:53 AM IST
RBI’s take on capital flows, and what it means for stock markets

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Since the 1980s, as economies allowed “free” flow of capital across borders, a myriad of benefits were envisioned. Improved efficiency of capital allocation along with unhindered technological transfers were expected to facilitate better risk-sharing while accelerating global growth. While some of these benefits did materialize, capital flows have tended to blow hot and cold. Capriciousness of capital flows  India has frequently gone from being a hot favourite to being dropped like a hot potato in a matter of years. As emerging...

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