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No one owns Gatik and Buena Vista Shipping

Nearly three weeks after Financial Times wrote about how Gatik, this mysterious Indian company, had emerged as a giant of the international waters having shipped at least 83 mn barrels of Russian crude and oil products since the invasion of Ukraine began, we know virtually nothing about it

May 26, 2023 / 09:09 AM IST
No one owns Gatik and Buena Vista Shipping

If an entity is using India as a base or more to carry out business, its details must be filed with one of India’s regulatory agencies. (Representative image)

Great Eastern Shipping, India’s biggest ship-owner by fleet size, has 67 ships comprising just 8 crude tankers. So, when another entity registered in India is suddenly discovered to have acquired 59 vessels at an estimated combined value of $1.6bn, it is guaranteed to be under the arclights. After all, India has a shining new star to compete with the global giants of shipping. Yet, nearly three weeks after Financial Times wrote about how Gatik, this mysterious Indian company, had emerged as...

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