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Kirubakaran Rajendran: An options trader who chose the automation route to success

It takes a lot to be a consistently successful trader. Few traders have made it to the level where they can quit their jobs and trade on a full-time basis. Taking this freedom by many notches higher is Kirubakaran Rajendran, who designed bots to do his trading for him.

May 04, 2019 / 09:57 PM IST

Here's a peek into the life of a successful trader. His work is over by 10 am, after which he sits and reads a journal or a book or watches the TV series – Billions. At the end of the day, the trader goes to the gym. Fridays are compulsorily meant for friends, and he takes about 2-3 road trips with his family and friends in a year. Not to mention watching most of the movies as soon as they are released.

Meet Kirubakaran Rajendran from Chennai who designed Trading Bots  — An automated program which trades using a given set of rules — to do his trading. His current lifestyle was achieved after years of back-breaking work and learning from every possible mistake one can do and probably more.

However, Rajendran is not a conventional trader. He is among the few option traders who trade on an intra-day basis, more so without looking at option Greeks or technical charts. A student of statistics, Rajendran is in his 'zone' when surrounded by numbers. He has not only broken the code of successful trading, but also automated it with bots, which can be used by retail traders.

In an interview with Moneycontrol, Kirubakaran Rajendran talks about his humble beginnings, his years of struggle to become a successful trader and his various trading strategies.