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Is the parliamentary panel right on airline pricing?

The government should ensure that there is no collusion between the airlines while setting prices and that there is no price gouging

March 15, 2023 / 05:34 PM IST
Is the parliamentary panel right on airline pricing?

Scoot Airlines Singapore-bound flight was scheduled to take off from Amritsar to Singapore at after 7 pm, but the airline rescheduled it between 3-4 pm

Highlights A parliamentary panel has asked the civil aviation ministry to cap the upper and lower levels of airfares The reports say that a perfect balance has to be maintained between the commercial interest of the private airlines and the interest of the passengers Growing air traffic but no commensurate expansion of fleet capacity causing fare rise during peak season  But should the government interfere with market forces, especially in an industry that has been suffering huge losses for decades Airline traffic in India...

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