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Interview | Cummins India to benefit from shift in capex to sunrise sectors: CFO

Cummins India expects private sector capex to improve and is ready to meet challenges on the regulatory front, says Ajay Patil

December 07, 2021 / 01:17 PM IST
Interview | Cummins India to benefit from shift in capex to sunrise sectors: CFO

As the digital boom fuels demand for data centres, gensets, which are part of core physical infrastructure, become priority capex items for industry.  According to chief financial officer (CFO) Ajay Patil, Cummins India is well positioned to cater to this market. Recent news that distribution companies are being pushed by the government to provide stable power supply has raised concerns over the need for standby power gensets. Patil allayed these fears.  Whether it is new pollution norms or ESG principles of investment, Patil is...

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