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India data stoke sales optimism for pharma companies

Growth in Indian drug market rebounded in November while flu season is aiding sales in the US

December 15, 2022 / 11:23 AM IST
India data stoke sales optimism for pharma companies

New products and a strong influenza (flu) season are driving sales of pharma companies in the US

Highlights Indian pharma market grew 14.5 percent in November Volumes in Indian market increased after two consecutive months of declines Strong flu season is also driving prescription drug sales in the US Price hikes and new products to drive growth of Indian market in FY23 Latest data indicate encouraging sales in key markets of the Indian pharmaceutical companies. As per IQVIA, the Indian pharmaceutical market expanded 14.5 percent in November. Another data services provider AIOCD AWACS pegs domestic market growth at 17.3 percent. Coincidentally, data from the...

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