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COVID-19 pandemic is aiding Indian IT in more ways than one

Offshore mix at Infosys and Wipro reached record levels last quarter. With customers more amenable to remote delivery, offshoring is estimated to remain high, aiding IT companies' profit margins

January 19, 2021 / 09:06 AM IST
COVID-19 pandemic is aiding Indian IT in more ways than one

The growing acceptance of remote delivery of services is providing a new operating lever for Indian IT: offshoring. Distance has become less of a problem, Thierry Delaporte, chief executive officer and Managing Director, Wipro Ltd, said in an earnings call. The offshore effort mix at Infosys Ltd rose to highest levels in more than a decade last quarter. Wipro’s offshore revenues as a percentage of total revenues are possibly the highest in its reporting history, point out analysts at JM Financial Institutional...

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