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Apollo Hospitals’ digital plans resonate after PharmEasy-Thyrocare deal

Apollo is reorganising its pharmacy and digital healthcare platform into a new unit. It plans to access investor capital and scale up the new subsidiary

June 30, 2021 / 09:13 AM IST
Apollo Hospitals’ digital plans resonate after PharmEasy-Thyrocare deal

Investors initially gave a lacklustre reaction to Apollo Hospitals Enterprise’s March quarter earnings and its decision to create a separate subsidiary, Apollo HealthCo. The stock dropped on 24 June, a day after the results. But as the company explained the rationale behind the demerger of its pharmacy business and digital healthcare platform into Apollo HealthCo, and PharmEasy group announced the acquisition of Thyrocare Technologies, Apollo’s stock 7 rallied percent Friday. It gained another 4 percent this week. The earnings call and...

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