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  • Mrin Agarwal

    Sep,15,2020, 13:00 hrs

    How to make smart money decisions

    Mrin Agarwal , Founder, Finsafe

  • saurpate: What are your smart money decisions in this period of time considering for 3 types of approaches of finance 1. Conservative approach 2. Risk ability approach 3. Medium ability approach

  • Mrin Agarwal:

    !) Conservative approach - use combination of PPF and debt funds, 2) Risk ability approach - use equity funds, NPS 3) Medium ability approach - use balanced advantage funds. Irrespective of the approach, you need to plan as per your financial goals and keep in mind that equities need to be held for the long term

  • karekar.nitin: Hello Madam! I want invest Rs 2K per month which is good option? tenure would be around 15-20 years

  • Mrin Agarwal:

    You can consider midcap funds - DSP Midcap, Mirae

  • Ashi93: Hello Mam I am sr.citizen, I have Rs.3 lakh to invest for about three years, where should I invest ? 2. Can I start SIP of Rs. 2000/- in Parag Parekh long term equity fund for 5 yrs..? Regards

  • Mrin Agarwal:

    You can consider short duration debt funds. For Parag Parekh long term equity fund, your holding period should be 7-10 years