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  • Amit Trivedi

    Dec,11,2017, 16:00 hrs

    Equity investments simplified

    Amit Trivedi , Author & Founder, Karmayog Knowledge

  • guest: Sir mai 7000 pr month ki sip karna chahta hu 10 to 15 yrs k liye 46 yrs ki umr me kon si sip me invest karu please suggest me.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    For 10 to 15 years period, you may consider doing SIP in a diversified equity fund. However, if you have never invested in equity (directly or through mutual funds) earlier, first start with balanced funds or index funds. And that too not the full amount.


  • Amit Trivedi:

    Whether an investment is good or not should be checked before putting your money and not after. Having said that, the scheme you have mentioned is an open-ended fund, which allows you to take your money out on any business day - check for taxes and exit loads. I am not suggesting that you should get out, but do a careful analysis BEFORE taking any action.

  • T0bfcy9IMM: Please suggest best five funds to inves for 5 years.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    There is no common definition of "best" in the world of investing. Please do not seek the "best" funds, but look for what is appropriate for your unique requirements.

  • guest: I am planning to invest 1 lac each month via SIP, below are my details and some funds I\`ve chosen to invest. Can you please confirm if these funds are good to proceed or suggest other funds If not: Age: 33 Years Monthly Investment: 1 Lacs Investment Horizon: 10 Years Monthly Income: 160000 (In hand) Can take a little risk and have a stable Job Emergency Fund: Saved around 13 lacs in Cash in Bank FDs Own a house so don\`t have to pay rent (loan paid in full) Below are some Funds I\`ve chosen Reliance Small Cap DSP Black Rock Micro Motilal Oswal Focused 35 ICICI Value Discovery SBI Magnum Please Suggest!!

  • Amit Trivedi:

    First of all, let me congratulate you for the clarity - having an emergency fund and a house of your own. I hope you also have adequate health and life insurance, too. However, the amount earmarked as emergency fund seems to be too large. Even if you wish to play safe, you may consider some tax-efficient avenues like short term debt funds or liquid funds. While I cannot comment on specific schemes, allocating money across different equity funds is a good idea given your time horizon and other financial details

  • guest: Which is the best fund to invest for short term investment ?

  • Amit Trivedi:

    Liquid funds are the best for short term if you seek safety of capital and any time liquidity.

  • guest: My current age is 28. Me and my wife bring in a total of 75k from salary. Want to invest around 25k via SIP every month. In the next 10 years I want to make a corpus of 1 CR. What are all the funds that I should be investing in ?

  • Amit Trivedi:

    Your expectations are too high. In order for a saving of Rs. 25,000 to grow to Rs. 1 cr in 10 years, the investments have to deliver roughly 24% p.a. Tone down your expectations, else there is a very high probability that you will only get disappointed.

  • guest: Hello, I am 35 years of age. I am planning to invest 41 lacs in Mutual fund for Long Term horizon of 20-25 years. I have chosen the below mentioned funds for Child Education, Marriage and if possible 10% for my retirement. Please let me know if the below options are good to go? Also since the market currently is at peak, is it safe to invest at this point of time? Aditya Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund (G) - Large Cap -10 lacs Mirae Asset emerging Bluchip fund - 10 lacs HDFC Balanced Fund (G) - 7 lacs SBI Magnum Multicap Fund - Regular Plan (G) - 7 lacs Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund - Direct Plan (G) - 7 lacs I have additional amount of around 60-70 lacs. Please let me know what are the other investment options or should i invest whole amount in MFs. I am already depositing maximum amount of 1.5 lacs in PPF every year. Thanks and Regards, Gaurav Garg

  • Amit Trivedi:

    Gaurav jee, I am not sure if the markets are high or low with reference to the future, though they are high historically. Also, the valuations indicate that they might be at high levels.Still, if you want to play safe, look at balanced funds instead of pure equity funds.

  • T0bfcy9IMM: I am 61 years senior citizen and want to invest Rs.5000/- per month through SIP for 5 to 7 years. Please suggest some good scheme in which I have to invest. Please also advise what are large cap, mid cap small cap and multiple cap fund.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    If you are going to withdraw the entire amount after 5-7 years, I would suggest you look for investing only around 30-35% of the money in equity funds, the rest can be invested in debt funds. The term "cap" in largecap, midcap, smallcap and flexicap refers to market capitalisation, which is nothing but the market value of the entire company. Largecap stocks normally belong to very large sized (and hence more stable) businesses, whereas smallcap stocks are those of small sized companies (highly risky in nature). Flexicap funds can invest in all types of companies irrespective of the size.

  • Chivukula Raman: Planing to invest 5000 p.m in mutual funds for the next 30 years. Please suggest me any specific type of funds to invest.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    For a 30 years period and investing systematically, you may consider investing in flexicap funds or a combination of large and mid cap funds.