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  • Amit Trivedi

    Aug,28,2017, 16:00 hrs

    Equity investments simplified

    Amit Trivedi , Author & Founder, Karmayog Knowledge

  • guest: hi team, Which is the best liquid fund for lump-sum investment for emergency fund. Regards Prasant Sahoo Ahmedabad, 9662281991

  • Amit Trivedi:

    Almost all the liquid funds are good for short term investing - just keep an eye on the credit rating profile of the portfolio every month. Go for the one with lowest credit risk - maximum papers with high quality papers

  • guest: I want to invest rs 10 L in MF which should be good for 3 to 5 years , this include one of tax sever plant

  • Amit Trivedi:

    Among the mutual fund schemes, the ELSS category can provide tax saving under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. ELSS is an Equity Linked Savings Scheme. However, your time horizon is too short to go for equity funds. I would suggest you stick to debt funds, which do not offer tax saving.

  • guest: I hold Rs 25 L Bank deposit @ 7.5 %, on interest i have e to pay 30% Income tax , my planning to transfer Rs 20 L in ICICI Pru dual adv balance fund , is dividend received is tax free? or to reinvest dividend rather to go for growth. Als adv if any other such type of scheme give good dividend monthly or qty , this is spare money with my FD apart from other saving

  • Amit Trivedi:

    (1) Since you asked about dividend reinvestment or growth pans, I assume you do not need regular income from your investments. (2) Currently, the money is invested in fixed deposit, which you want to shift to a tax-efficient avenue. Give these two requirements, please consider going for growth plan of debt funds (also known as fixed income funds, or income funds). In the growth plan, the earning is taxable only when you book the profits and that too with the benefit of indexation, if the holding period is longer than 3 years. I would advice against going for any scheme having equity exposure, if you are shifting money from fixed deposits.

  • guest: Hello my age is 37, I am investing in Canara Robeco Emerging Equities, Dsp Blackrock Micro Cap Fund, Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund, Hdfc Mid Cap Opportunities Fund, Icici Prudential Value Discovery Fund, L&T India Value Fund, L&T Infrastructure Fund, Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund, Sbi Blue Chip Fund, Sbi Magnum Midcap Fund, Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund. All were direct and growth plans. Am I taking risk by investing in multiple funds? Please suggest if I need to drop or add any fund in my folio. Thanks in advance.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    The risk you are taking here is that with so many schemes, how can you monitor? On top of that, all these are only equity funds and you must be having some allocation to debt, too - in whichever form. I would suggest that instead of going for direct plan and building such unmanageable portfolio, it would be prudent to take help of an investment adviser or a mutual fund distributor.

  • guest: I am invested in SIP of Franklin india prima plus fund and mirae asset opportunities fund with a amount of 2500 rupees per month. Is my investment is right way. please suggest me. Also i want to invest 5000/m more which funds is best for me to complete my goal of 30 Lacs in 10 years.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    given very limited information, it is impossible to answer your question whether you would be able to reach your financial goal. (1) You mast have accumulated some amount through the SIPs currently running. How much amount is accumulated? (2) What was the basis of selecting the two funds you have invested in? Has anything changed? If no, there is no need to change the schemes

  • judroy2014: I hav 5 lacs to invest for long term....wat funds should I an Nri with folio of 2 cr in Mrs already

  • Amit Trivedi:

    I understand that long term is really long and not less than 5 to 7 years. In such a case, you may consider a large cap equity fund or a balanced fund.

  • guest: i want to invest in mutual fund through SIP for 5 years maximum amount is 3000 per month which mutual fund shall i invest

  • Amit Trivedi:

    The answer would depend on many factors: (1) what are you saving for? Is it a responsibility or a dream, (2) how critical is it to be able to fulfill this goal> (3) How much money are you saving per month generally? How much is Rs. 3,000 of that saving? If for example, you are saving Rs. 50,000 per month and want to know where to invest Rs. 3,000 per month the answer would be very different as compared to a situation where you are saving Rs. 10,000 per month.

  • judroy2014: I have about 20 lacks in icici pru funds which is heavily invested in Infisys.. ..shoul i stop de sips or continue....or should I switch value discovery to icici bal ad fund

  • Amit Trivedi:

    When you invest in mutual fund schemes, you have outsourced the task of analysing individual stocks to a fund management team. You need not do that after investing in a fund.

  • niraj6274: Could you suggest a mutual fund providing a substitute for a bank Fd. I have a view of atleast 2 years. I wish to invest lumpsum close to a lakh for now and have a conservative approach

  • Amit Trivedi:

    Short term income funds or ultra-short term funds should be fine given your requirements

  • harshaparampall: HI, I am starter for MF. Can you please guide me as in which MF i should invest through SIP. I am planning to go for 2000 Rs per month

  • Amit Trivedi:

    Look at as large cap diversified equity fund to start your SIP. Also understand that this money is being invested for at least ten years.

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