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  • Amit Trivedi

    Sep,19,2016, 16:00 hrs

    Equity investments simplified

    Amit Trivedi , Author & Founder, Karmayog Knowledge

  • guest: I want Rs 75000 in march 2017. What are the mutual fund schemes that i should go for???

  • Amit Trivedi:

    Considering that you need money in around six months` time, you should only consider liquid funds. Currently, these funds are yielding around 6.5% - 7.0% p.a. before tax.

  • guest: i have invested in HDFC Top 200 and HDFC Equity. please suggest me about above mention fund

  • Amit Trivedi:

    I am sorry I would not comment on any specific fund schemes

  • guest: Dear Sir, At present my age is 23 and would like to invest in Mutual Fund(SIP) for 20 years. I am confused regarding schemes. Could you suggest me a better scheme for investment which could generate 4-5 Cr. Thank You Regards, Ujjwal Kejriwal.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    For a 20 year period, you may consider investing predominantly in equity mutual funds. I would suggest a large cap equity fund that is diversified across various sectors and industries. However, as you reach closer to the end of your time horizon, you should reduce allocation to equity and invest predominantly in fixed income funds. Having said that, you may want to to get your risk profile checked and if you are aggressive, you may go for some dose of mid-cap funds, too. I won`t give any specific scheme names

  • guest: i will planing to invest in sip of 5000 rs. per manth, which fund are best for medium term and long term investment

  • Amit Trivedi:

    For your medium term investments (I assume you mean 3 to 7 years as medium term), hybrid funds could be a good idea. For longer than 7 years, you may go for equity funds

  • guest: I\`m 25 and i work with a Public sector bank as Associate..I set aside around 7000 each month as savings in bank RDs..i plan to shift it completely to MF and my plan is to put 5000 in lumpsum mode in different funds and 2000 in me if im wrong with the plan or suggest better plan for me..I\`m adequately insured and with no health issues till date

  • Amit Trivedi:

    If I understand correctly, you want to invest Rs. 2000 per month through SIP, but also want to invest roughly Rs. 5000 per month lump sum. If that is the case, I would simply suggest you to go for SIP of Rs. 7000 per month. Do not spend too much time trying to take a decision every month. It is generally counter-productive.

  • sukandarp: I want to invest 50 lakh in equity, please suggest best PMS service. this is my longterm view.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    You will have to evaluate PMS schemes yourself from among the options available. It is very difficult to do so since data is not easily available in public. Ask questions about the investment strategy, investment universe, the track record of the scheme, the track record of the fund manager, their risk management system, the reports that you would get and what are the potential risks.

  • guest: I had invested in this funds 1 Birla Sun Life MNC Fund (G) -5000 2 Birla Sun Life Medium Term Plan - Retail Plan (G)- 35000 3 DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund - Regular Plan (G) - 2500 4 HDFC Balanced Fund (G) - 3000 5 HDFC Equity Fund (G) - 3000 6 IDFC Premier Equity Fund - Regular Plan (G) - 2000 7 L&T India Prudence Fund (G) - 5000 i m investing for last 3 years around 18K per month do i need to switch any of this fund pls advice if i have to switch, overall returns i am getting is around 30% and i have withdraw the amount next year to invest in tatamotors bond where by investing 10lakhs will give me 10000 monthly income is this is a right move???

  • Amit Trivedi:

    I am surprised that you know the interest rate on the Tata Motors bonds you plan to purchase next year. First of all, are you talking about new issue of bonds or existing bonds you would buy from someone or through stock exchanges? In any case, you can not know the interest rate a year in advance. Secondly, why do you want to shift your equity money into bonds? Any particular reason? Third, what was the basis for selecting these funds for investments? Has the basis changed? Change the schemes only and only if (1) if the schemes are no longer satisfying your fund selection criteria, or (2) if your criteria have changed

  • guest: Why is performance of Franklin India High Growth Fund very low in last one year. Please advise.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    I am sorry, i won`t comment on a specific scheme.

  • guest: I am Investing in Bajaj Allianz Future Gain for 5 yr .My annual premium is 3000. Is that good decision or not. May i have your expert opinion.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    I am sorry I won`t comment on any specific scheme

  • guest: I want to buy axis bank MF , please suggest me which should I opt for.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    Your starting point cannot be which AMC`s scheme you want to buy. You have to start with your own needs and then look at the scheme category. Only after that the question of a specific scheme would come in.

  • manishm3005: I am new to market I want invest 5 lakh for 1 year where can I invest

  • Amit Trivedi:

    For a 1 year time horizon, you should only consider liquid funds or ultra-short term bond funds. Please ask your advisor or mutual fund distributor to suggest schemes with high credit quality given that you are new to mutual funds

  • guest: Hello Sir, I am an IT employee of 35 years of age. Would like to start suitable SIP investment for below long term goals over a duration of 10-12 or 15 years. And have a monthly surplus of 25-30K. 1. Child Education {both on-going & higher studies preferably in abroad} for 2 kids 2. Regular monthly income post-retirement may be from 45 or 50 years 3. Own a farm house Could you pls suggest suitable funds for these goals. Thanks in advance and hoping to get some inputs for my needs. Priya.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    For goals that are 12 to 15 years away, you may consider diversified equity funds to begin with. Later on, as the goals approach closer, you may change the SIPs from equity to balanced and then to fixed income funds. However, I would not offer any specific scheme names