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  • Jiju Vidyadharan

    Nov,23,2015, 14:00 hrs

    Investments in Fixed Income

    Jiju Vidyadharan , Head Funds & Fixed Income Research, CRISIL

  • guest: What is the minimum period to get a good return on mutual fund?

  • Vatsal Shah:

    Atleast 8 get a full market cycle..however, 5 years is bare minimum

  • kkgroup: Kindly advice regarding Rel Capital & Rel Infra. are they good for Investment. Thanks

  • Vatsal Shah:

    Hi Kkgroup...ADAG group looks good from these levels

  • itvivek: What should be minimum SIP if I target 1 cr in 10 years

  • Vatsal Shah:

    Assuming a 15% CAGR atleast need to do an SIP of 35000

  • joysanta: How are ICICI Pro Balanced fund(D), DSP Focus 25 &DSP Income opprtuity funds

  • Vatsal Shah:

    They are good funds...however i am not sure about DSP income opportunity must look at what they are holding

  • itvivek: I have significant exposure in HDFC at 1250 around 1000 shares, what is your call on HDFC for a year perspective?

  • Vatsal Shah:

    Hi itvivek...from a one year perspective..its good

  • kank20: pls suggest some medical policy for senior citizens above 65 not having pre medical test? thanks

  • Vatsal Shah:

    hi..i believe Oriental is the only company providing such a policy..please check with your insurance broker

  • guest: Suggest good MF Fund options for Equity and Balanced Fund for 5 years horizon

  • Vatsal Shah:

    MOSL Most25 and HDFC Capital Builder are good funds ICICI Balance Advantage and Tata Equity P/E

  • guest: I`m looking for short term mutual fund investment say for a period of 1 year and shares investment for a period of 3 months. Kindly suggest me good options for both.

  • Vatsal Shah:

    For 1 year ...would purely suggest a Balance market may be volatile for a you can look at ICICI pru Balance Advantage

  • arpitdisawal: I am investing 1 lakh every month.. have good stocks to my portfolioas well. however few are 10-15 % depriciated.. shalli continue investing in that .. or some other aproch i have to follow.. stocks : icici, axis bank, sbi, sun phharma, l&t , tata motors, biocon, idfc, idfc bank, suzlon,

  • Vatsal Shah:

    It seems you have no exposure to Auto/Auto Aniciallary/Defence/ and you have only Banking, Pharma, Infra...the first 3 sectors are going to be the fastest growing sectors...would suggest you look for investments in those

  • guest: i want to invest in equity mutual fund which is best i can give 5000 per month now 29 age i want to invest 10000 per month in top five mutual fund.please suggest

  • Vatsal Shah:

    You can invest 2K in each of the following : Tata Equity P/E, Franklin India High Growth, BSL Equity, SBI Blue Chip, Reliance Top 200

  • devangdoshi: I have a lump sum amount of Rs.10 lacs. I want to park them in MF as an emergency fund. Kindly suggest the suitable options. I fall into a higher tax bracket.

  • Vatsal Shah:

    Liquid Fund is your best option..or go for IDFC Dynamic Equity/ ICICI Balance Advantage..for slightly higher return

  • guest: I am a 24 yr old employee. Income- 30000/month I can save max 12000/month I have no any policy right now. I want 35 lacs after 10 years to start my own business and 5 lacs after 3 year for my sister marriage. Please suggest me the proper Mutual fund where should i invest with tax saving.

  • Vatsal Shah:

    you are on fall in 10% you can use ELSS to offset that...start an SIP in Axis Long Term Equity Fund...for the offset amount...further you can do SIP to match 12K you will have your required funds...if you are investing 12000 per month..i would suggest as your income goes SIP top up

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